Thursday, May 26, 2011

6.20M33 CFW Mod Version.

"6.20M33-1 By Dark-Alex and M33User"

Credits Goes to: Coldbird and Vlflame For the Modules  and M33user for his Mod :D.

What is this?

* this a Modified Version of Pro  LCFW,   Same changelogs as Pro-b5 with Some Changes

[+] Modify Some Files
[+] Ultimate Recovery Menu
[+] Detect Latest Model  [model 0g ] at system information

*Copy the Folder Called 6.20M33 to ms0: PSP / GAME/  , if Your Using Go    Copy it to ef0: PSP / GAME/

How to Use?
1.First You Need to Install Pro-b5 installer , If You already installed then Skip this. 
2.After installing Pro-b5   Launched the 6.20M33  and Press X to Install.
3.Check Your System.

Comment Below if you wanna suggest features.

Click to Download


at last my Blog Restored

My last Post was  April  27 , 2011

After couple of weeks   my blog was Shutdown  did not know what happen I Cant Post Either because its gone.   Yeah  I Contact the manager of Blog  To Solved it  and  they  restore it  1 month : ((.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Small Update. 6.38 HEN

After couple of weeks 6.38 HEN is Now Finished and Ready to Be Online around the Psp World.

Released Date: Next Week

I also Heard 6.38 Kernel Exploit by Total Noob 2 days before.  But im not affected Since i have also One.

Some People Telling this one is fake  Because there's No Proof,     Here's My Answer:  If You Dont believe  Then Don't Use it  Let Your Self Suffer  Easy to solve your Problem  right? , Why Should I Make  Video Proof Huh? Its a Waste of time    I just release the 6.38 HEN and Made Your OWN Video.

By the way Here's the all Changelog and Features:

SystemCtrl 100% (Done)
VshCtrl 100% (Done)
Ability to Play ISO'S , CSO , DAX
Ability to Play Homebrew (100%)
Ability to Play 5.XX and 6.XX Plugins
Ability to Fake Region
Dump Your UMD and Convert it to ISO , CSO , DAX
Ability to Downgrade to 6.20 (fake.index.dat)
Vsh Menu  + Recovery Menu
M33 Network Updated.
Usb Charged

[ Only Tested on Psp Go , Psp 1000 /2000 ]

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

6.38 HEN

I successfully Port my Exploit into HEN. Gonna Release it Soon Here in my Blog.

Here's My Changelog
-Ability Show Your Model on mac and spoof your version

-SystemControl 70%
-Compressed rebootex
-Added M33 network update
-Support Homebew  (Compatibility 50% )
-Ability to run VLF homebrews
-Ability to Downgrade (fake.index.dat)  Thanks to davee and TotalNoob

The Features are not really good enough
 Gonna add some more with cool features.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Status of My Exploit

i only pick 3 people here no need to mention who for some reason. maybe he leaked so no metioning. , The Exploit should arrived in your Mail Watch out your Yahoo mail / or Google Mail.

Please Feedback if you test it. then post the following bug here.

if there's no bug - expect the release!- gonna port it to HEN 

EDIT:  After Checking my Mail again 2 people report that there's no problem and bug
           I dont know the other 1 man. Maybe offline.

There will be no release of Exploit But there will be a Release of  HEN!

Thanks again to Some1 for Help.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Found an Exploit!!! on VSH

I Found it a while ago by Accident !.  I'll not say whether its an Photo , Music ,or Video and ETC

My Firmware is 6.35  according to Me this Exploit is Present on 6.38.  

For Now when i View  it the exploit execute to helloworld only ,Soon as possible i'll make it a HEN.  IF You Want to Test the Exploit on 6.38

Feel Free to Comment Here and i will send the exploit to you.   

Format Comment should.
Your Email: ( Example)
Psp Model: ( Example) Psp 1000
Firmware:   ( Example)  6.38 OFW
And Your Own word:   (Example)  Fuck You!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Permanent CFW 6.35 M33 For all PSP Released !!!!

6.35M33 Permanent CFW For all PSP , Created by Dark-AleX , M33User

Like I Promise Here's the Permanent CFW for 6.35

Thanks to Dark-AleX for Sending The Codes

Tested by Our Members  : status = Working

* Has Recovery Menu  [ M33 VSH MENU]
* Support all types of PSP, which PSP-1000, PSP-2000, PSP-GO is strictly tested
* Support the unlock 60MB of memory, has reached the level of the times 5xx
* The NP9660 has a built-in and March33 ISO driver to support more games
* XMB ISO has indicated support for ISO & CSO
 * Has nodrm engine, support for direct reading of the DLC and the decrypted EDATA / PGD file
* With M33 VSH MENU, you can view or change system settings, etc.
* Has a variety of patches, such as brightness and video resolution four other patches
* Support version.txt, put it in ms0: / seplugins / version.txt to take effect
* PS1 games are supported
* Support Latest Games


*if your using psp 3000/GO You need to be in 5.03 or 6.20HEN to load the eboot , Copy the Update folder to psp/game.
*Download 6.35 OFW , rename EBOOT to 635 = 635.pbp   then place it on psp/game/update.  the update folder should contain 3 files (eboot.pbp , PRX and the 635.pbp)

*if your using psp 1000/2000  You can directly Load it if your psp is hack,  Copy the Update folder to psp/game.
*Download 6.35 OFW , rename EBOOT to 635 = 635.pbp  then place it on psp/game/update.  the update folder should contain 3 files (eboot.pbp , PRX and the 635.pbp)


Credits to.
*M33 Beta testers